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Auckland Study Group: The B Word    27th Feb 2 ticketing options available Next Tuesday

Dr. Andrea Shepperson will be discussing the following topics:

  • Bruxing is the term we use to label many aspects of tooth wear.
  • Is it as common as we think?
  • What is bruxing, and how do we differentiate erosio...

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Whangarei Digital Study Group: Tips and Tricks for Invisible Class IV, Class V Restorations, Incisal Troughing and the Direct Resin Bonding Concept    16th Mar 2 ticketing options available Limited tickets remaining

This digital study group hosts a video presentation by Dr. William 'Bud' Mopper that will discuss the following:

Content will focus on bonding fundamental tips and tricks that the practitioner will be able to bring back to the s...

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Tauranga Study Group: Dental Photography and The Trial Smile    20th Mar 2 ticketing options available

Dr. Dalila Gabb will be discussing the following topics:

  • Generate a series of photographs useful for dental diagnostic interpretation and records
  • Learn how to analyse the photographs and dynamic video to determine t...

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